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Do you see a car as more than a means of getting from point A to B, but rather a statement of your passion for prestige and sports marques? If the idea of taking ownership of a high-end vehicle inspires you, then such a reality is more attainable than you realise. Secure finance now on one of our luxury cars. Call Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles on 01725 518221 for more details.

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For some, the idea of driving a car is considered a necessity, a means of getting from point A to B. But for many motorists, a car is viewed as a source of pride and joy. If you’re one of those people to whom it matters what you’re seen driving around in, you’ve probably got your eye on cars that may fall on the pricier end of the scale.

These cars might be within your price range, but at such a high price point, their purchase just isn’t justifiable. Or they may be outside your price range altogether. Sound familiar? The good news is that there’s a way for you to drive away today in a high-end prestige or sports marque without leaving your finances in a precarious position.

Our Bespoke Car Selection

Here at Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles, we keep in stock a choice selection of gorgeous, bespoke prestige motors along with some of the most sought-after sports cars around. We’ve got all the popular brands under one roof, such as:

  • Ferrari
  • Prosche
  • Mini
  • Land Rover / Rover
  • Audi
  • BMW

Our selection changes often with new cars rotated in at regular intervals. So, if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, make sure to check back tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. Better yet, let one of our advisors know what your preferences are, and they’ll let you know the moment a vehicle comes into stock matching those preferences.

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About Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles

In 1971, Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles was established, and for the last 50 years, we’ve made it our mission to partner each of our customers with the prestige or sports car of their dreams. We’ve built plenty of experience and a wealth of knowledge over the last half-century, and we’ve established a network of partnerships with various dealers.

This network has greatly expanded our ability to supply some of the most sought-after cars at fantastic rates. So, when you come to us for your next vehicle purchase, we’ll be able to secure you preferential financial repayment options that won’t leave your finances in a precarious position.

Finance for Bespoke Vehicles

When choosing to finance a car with us, it’s recommended that you settle on a repayment amount that’s comfortable for you to make. Click on our finance calculator located at the bottom of each vehicle information page. Select your desired term length (months), annual mileage, and how much you’d like to pay monthly. The calculator will then come back with your upfront deposit.

If the deposit or monthly instalments are too high, you can simply adjust your term length to lower both or increase your monthly payments to lower your deposit. Likewise, you can choose to pay more upfront in exchange for a shorter-term length or lower monthly repayments. The decision is entirely yours!

Why Come to Us for Bespoke Vehicles in Dorset?

When it comes to fast cars and fancy marques, the team at Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles are as passionate as even the most enthusiastic lover of cars. It’s a pleasure for them to talk cars all day long, and they take great delight in advising our clients on the excellent vehicle options we have available. You can ask them anything you’d like about the cars we have available in Dorset, and you’ll receive detailed and knowledgeable responses.

With Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles, you’ll enjoy full access to high-end prestige and sports cars that may normally be out of your reach. Thanks to our excellent financing options, we can purchase a car from us and spread the repayments into manageable instalments. Once paid off, the vehicle is yours. And don’t forget that we offer an unbeatable choice of ways to customise and personalise your car, Dorset customers.

You’ll, of course, receive impeccable service from the outset – we always aim to please, and no request is too much for us to handle. So, if you’d like to drive away with the car of your dreams, get in touch with our team today.

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Drive some of the fanciest bespoke cars available right here in Dorset when you come to Bramshaw Bespoke Vehicles. Take advantage of our excellent financing options and drive away with a high-end prestige or sports marque today. To find out more, call our Dorset team on 01725 518221. You can also email or fill out our online contact form.